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Even though I'm completely in love with summer cotton dresses, I equally adore warm and cosy winter clothes. But "warm and cosy" shouldn't mean "baggy and granny-style". The Patrones pattern allowed me to sew the dress that is not just perfect for the chilly weather, but is elegant at the same time.

Before I stated sewing, my typical winter dress was a close fitting sweater one. But unfortunately most of them are acrylic, while I prefer natural fibres. More over, those garments loose their softness and shrink a lot after a couple of washings. I'm sure it's possible to find a nice, warm and classy wool dress, but it might cost a fortune. So it's much better to just sew one. This Patrones one is a good example of my favourite winter dress: it's warm, elegant and made of natural materials. 

I've bought this wool blend fabric in a local shop, 1 metre of each colour. Because wool can be stretched out easily, the dress is fully lined with silky viscose.

 I finished the neckline with a hand made bias biding tape

The skirt is my basic 3/4 circle pattern, and the bodice is from a Spanish magazine Patrones #332. Since I was working with quite a thick fabric, I didn't want to have any front waist darts.

 It's not a bad pattern, but I had to alter it a lot. Even the length was to big for me, which is a huge surprise for a regular pattern. The only time I had to alter the bodice length was with a Burdastyle seamed dress pattern, but it was from their tall collection, so it makes the perfect sense.

I finished the neckline with some vintage lace. I thought it'll be a nice touch to the classical design.

It's not my only wool dress, and I'm sure it's not the last one. It's a big satisfaction to wear something that fits you perfectly, looks classy and is amazingly warm at the same time.

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