Simplicity: Project Runway pencil dress

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I think I've already mentioned that I really love pencil dresses. For me they aren't just an office or special occasion type of garments. That's why I don't mind sewing them in lightweight natural fabrics. I also can't fully agree with the idea that pencil dresses should be made with synthetic blend fabrics for a better fit and look. This dress is sewn with pure linen, and I think that this material isn't any worse than synthetic ones.

One of the biggest reasons to love Simplicity patterns is that they have an impressive selection of pencil dresses. They have a much wider selection of different designs compared to any other pattern companies. For this dress I used a Simplicity 2337 pattern.

That was my first ever project with linen. This fabric is considered to be one of the best for hot summer days. But since it's meant to be a perfect-fit pencil dress, I have sewn it with a silky viscose lining. 

One of the most attractive details of this dress is the sleeves. They add a nice charm to a very classic design. Since this dress is the summer one, they're also protecting my shoulders from the sun.

A linen pencil dress is quite a good option for someone who is having office work, but does't want to wear a traditional black dress code-friendly suit. And it'll definitely look good with nude tights.

Do you wear pencil dresses during the summer? Have you ever created them in linen or other 100% natural fabrics?

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