Want to get your brand in front of 11.000+ highly targeted sewing enthusiasts?

Then let me explain how we can make that happen...

But first, you need to know that I only endorse brands and products that I like and trust.

After building up the Tip Top Sewing instagram, youtube and blog, I have accumulated a highly targeted audience of ladies (and gentlemen) that adore sewing just as much as I do.

Through collaboration posts with blogger networks, my own articles, Youtube videos and different social media platform posts, my blog now receives thousands of visitors every month looking to learn about sewing.

Some of my projects and articles have even been featured in the Love Sewing (printed) magazine.

So if you would like to get your brand or products in front of thousands of passionate seamstresses, I can offer you the possibility of placing a banner ad on tiptopsewing.com, posting a sponsored post on instagram, or creating sponsored content for Youtube.

  • Banner ads and posts can link back to your website or offer.
  • Both banners and posts avoid the problem of ad-blockers.
  • Highly targeted niche audience (so you don’t have to waste time or money searching).
  • A mixture of social media, blog posts and blog collaboration posts ensures a constant flow of daily traffic.

So if you want to skip the painful process of searching for your audience, let’s get in touch and go straight to the source.

How to get started?

Click the link below to send me an email at tiptopsewing@gmail.com with the details of your brand and products for me to review.

If it fits with my audience and your products are of good quality, we can discuss the details of your promotion.

However, I reserve the right to turn your proposal down if I feel your products won’t help my audience or are below the Tip Top Sewing quality standards.

I refuse to let the Tip Top Sewing brand become crowded with offers, so I have a very limited amount of spots I am willing to offer up for advertising.

Anna Jay.