La Mia Boutique: 50s style dress from the Grace Kelly collection

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It's never too late to blog the Christmas dress, isn't it? Especially if you can wear that dress all year round.

I've learnt something new about myself: I still can't afford sewing dresses for "special occasions". It's not about the money, it's about time. I'm not such a fast seamstress and I just feel too sad to spend weeks on sewing a gorgeous gown and wear it only once. But what special occasion could I have in the middle of winter? Christmas, of course. I was browsing the local fabric shops and dying to get some Christmas-y prints... I ended up sewing a dress which is still in the "red and green" theme. But that's the one I can wear all year round! Well, when it's warm enough.

I've got this gorgeous cotton poplin almost by accident. We went to the capital to do some important things and of course we couldn't avoid the temptation of visiting the biggest fabric shop on the island. As always, with no intentions of buying a new fabric, I left the shop with 1.5 metres of material, covered in beautiful roses.

Here is a small video where I talk about the process of sewing and show the dress "in action".

The pattern is from the "Grace Kelly" collection of the Italian magazine "La Mia Boutique" 5/2013. It's not my first dress from this issue. But I must say that another dress took me much less time and effort. This pattern isn't as perfect as another one. I had to adjust and alter it quite a lot.

I finished the neckline with my own bias biding tape.

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