Vogue 2903: Vintage 50s fitted dress

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If you've been reading my blog before, probably you know about my love to 50s style. I truly adore those feminine silhouettes that are perfect for both everyday life and special occasions. This Vintage Vogue 2903 dress is extra special for me, because it was the first one from those I've made based on the original vintage design. 

I really wanted to sew something with Vintage Vogue patterns, but it took me ages to choose one from their catalogue in John Lewis in London. I wanted something really unique, something I can't make by just modifying a basic bodice and adding a circle skirt. This pattern caught my eye with an interesting inside yoke and a lovely pleated skirt.

I must say that at some point I've got a little lazy and wanted to skip the yoke detail and use bias biding tape instead. But that way the neckline was way too low for me. I had no choice but to spend some time on attaching that yoke, and I truly don't regret it now. It adds a very nice touch to the dress.

One of the reasons why I wanted to skip the yoke is because I made too many bodice alterations. I've heard so many times that vintage patterns were designed for much slimmer waists than we have today. I checked the envelope measurement information and decided to sew a bigger size, which is 10 in my case. Unfortunately, it happened to be much bigger than I expected, so I had to alter a lot. Of course, it was my own fault that I didn't double check: the numbers on the pattern details were completely different.

Fabric is a 100% cotton, bought in MacCulloch & Wallis in London. Like I wrote in my last post, I really miss London and the wonderful fabric shops that can be found there.

Just like I was expecting, I didn't need 5-6 m of fabric. I didn't make a very long skirt, so I used about 4.5 m.

Just in general this pattern is really good. Moreover, it can be used even by petite ladies.

 I love this dress, especially when I wear it with a petticoat.

Do you like Vintage Vogue patterns? Do you need to alter them a lot? 

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  1. Pretty. SSB. https://www.facebook.com/SassySewingBees

  2. Was there a lot of ease? I'm making 2of these for a commission and the clients are between sizes and I'm trying to decide if I should size up or down