BurdaStyle: petite vintage inspired dress with gathered skirt

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It's getting colder, but I'm still sewing cotton vintage inspired dresses. This Burda Style one wasn't an easy project, but only because I modified it in all possible ways.

Last week we finally got back to our tradition of long walks on the beach front. What is it about? Liters of sunscreen and coconut water, healthy or not so healthy snacks (plantain crisps and fruits this time), 

evening coffee (usually we only have a morning one), chats and gorgeous views.

We also went to the cinema and oh finally! We watched something we both liked! It was The Visit and luckily it was in English (yes, I don't speak Spanish yet). Of course I could't skip the large popcorn...

And the dress I was wearing is a Burda Style dress 3/2015 #118.

 I must say I've already promised myself to stop using patterns for tall or petite ladies. Whatever... I did it again! It took me a long time to adjust everything, because this one is a petite one for ladies who are about 160 cm (I'm 165). Moreover... I decided to completely change the belt. And the skirt. In other words, I changed at least 60-70% of the pattern. And skipped the sleeves.

What was the reason behind all those strange tasks, while the pattern itself is already gorgeous? I wanted something with a gathering under the bust line, with a wide straight belt and preferably a circle skirt. This pattern looked quite suitable for that. Unfortunately I didn't have enough fabric for a circle or 3/4 skirt, so I just gathered the fabric.

I'm afraid I can't say anything about the fit of that pattern, because I changed it so much. But the small original part fits good and looks lovely.

Fabric is a 100% cotton poplin that I've goot in a local shop.

I'm not sure if it's my last summer dress or not. Right now I'm busy with altering my husband's pairs of jeans. And what is your current sewing project?

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