BurdaStyle: Theater dress or a basic bodice and sleeve sloper

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Cotton dress with long sleeves? Why not. That  Burda Style dress proved to me that this type of taboo shouldn't exsist.

Last week was a really nice one. Probably because we finally had a long walk! 

Last few months we were quite lazy on my husband's days off, but last week showed us how wonderful the long walks can be! I should say that the main reason to go somewhere was... To buy a metal storage box. 

Yes, it's strange, but it's true. After that we walked on the beach front and enjoyed the sunset. 

Apart from the box I've bought new issues of my favorite sewing magazines. 

On our lovely walk I wore my jersey dress, but today I wanted to show you another garment. It can be easily described as the autumn one. Why? It's a cotton dress, so it's not too hot, but it has long sleeves, so it's not too cold. 

Strange combination, but I really liked the result. The bodice pattern is Burda Style Theater Dress 11/2012 #122, I used it twice and it's a pretty good basic bodice pattern. Alteration were pretty average: all about the side seams, size 36 is a little bit too big for me.

Fabric is a 100% cotton poplin bought in John Lewis in London. How I miss that shop... Especially because September was the traditional time of the year when I would head to London. But with a bit of luck we'll have a different trip at the end of this year.

Do you sew cotton dresses with long sleeves? What season do you wear those dresses?

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