How to draft a circle skirt

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I mention circle skirts all the time. I think I should finally write about drafting your own circle skirt. 

One of the reasons why I've started sewing was the fact that it's not as easy to find circle skirts in ready to wear shops. I had one dress that I've seen a couple of times on other girls at themed 50s styles events. Not nice. But the good part of this confusing situation is that I used that dress... To draft my first circle skirt! I put it on the flour along with some tissuing paper and, using a pen, drafted my first pattern. It sounds funny, strange and unprofessional, but this method worked for me! I finished a couple of projects with that strange pattern. But of course I've made a normal pattern later on. Here are some of my dress:

BurdaStyle sweetheart neckline dress

New Look pleated dress

 So how to draft a circle skirt pattern?

First of all you need to measure your waist.

Now draw 2 lines that form a right angle (which is a 45 degrees one).
Time to do some calculations: your waist measurement / 2 x 3.14. This number is the one you need to mark on each line. Now place the measuring tape right in the angle and make more marks, slightly moving your tape.

The final step is to connect all the marks. That's the waistline of your skirt.
Now you need to decide how long your skirt should be. You need to measure the length from your waistline. All you need to do now is to place your tape on the waistline circle, and mark the skirt length. And, just like in the previous step, you need to connect all the marks.

That's 1/4 of your skirt. Now you need to add a seaming allowance, and you're absolutely ready to sew your circle skirt! Cut the front part on fold, and two back pieces.

Do you wear circle skirts? If yes, did you draft your pattern?

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