Burda Style: sweetheart day dress

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I've heard so many times that the sweetheart neckline is too old-fashioned. Needless to say that I'll never agree with that! Here is my recent vintage inspired dress, based on a Burda Style sweetheart day dress pattern.

It's hard to believe that summer days are coming to the end. From one side, my last few months weren't very eventful. Previously I've been working hard, extremely hard, having 3 jobs at the same (ok, one of them was a part time one)... And suddenly I became a housewife! What a change! So I truly can't wait to get back to work now. It's going to be a very refreshing change. It's nice to be a housewife twice a week, but definitely not 7 days a week. It's just not for me.

But at least I've got quite good in healthy cheat meals! Take a look at my first ever banana bread, made with organic bananas and a little bit of coconut flour (no sweeteners added):

And those delicious chocolate gluten free brownies with cream cheese filling:

But I should eat less sweets, otherwise I'll have to replace my entire wardrobe! And I definitely don't want to stop wearing all my dresses. Especially those that are vintage inspired, like that Burda Style one.

It took me a while to choose a suitable pattern with a sweetheart neckline. I'm really glad I chose this one, which is a Sweetheart Party Dress by Burda Style.

It's quite a nice pattern and all I had to adjust is the neckline (it was too low for me) and side seams.

The skirt is a circle one. I had 2 metres of this beautiful cotton pique and I didn't want to waste it or save some for another project. I finished the dress with hand made bias tapes, just like I usually do.

Do you like sweetheart neckline? What's your favorite pattern?

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