Simplicity: vintage inspired amazing fit dress

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I'm seriously in love with polka dots. As soon as I see any polka dots in fabric shops, I rush to check them. And it's quite likely that I'll buy those fabrics. It's such a lovely, retro-inspired print that it's truly hard to resist. I had exactly the same feeling when I was purchasing this polka dot fabric for my Simplicity-based vintage inspired dress.

But before showing the dress, I'm going to tell you about my latest news. It looks like it becomes a tradition to stay at home on a day off. Previously it was a little bit of baking, restaurant meals, Italian ice cream and a lot of walking. Today we cook and bake, eat, watch films or old tapes, then go for a short walk and have coffee somewhere. Sounds like a completely different, but such a nice schedule!

Last week I baked some oatmeal cookies and gluten free cinnamon rolls biscuits.

Rolls don't look very photogenic, but they tasted nice, I promise! And hubby made a delicious dulce de leche ice-cream.

But lets get back to the dress. When I bought this fabric I already knew that I need a very vintage inspired pattern. Bodice from Simplicity 1882 Amazing Fit dress seemed to be perfect for this purpose.

I don't know why but I need to alter Simplicity patterns in all possible ways. But it's always worth it! This pattern wasn't an exception: I spent hours working with it, but I'm glad I did. It's as retro as I wanted it to be.

Main fabric is a 100% cotton poplin bought here in the local shop, and the collar is made of vintage cotton from my grandad's stash.

I wanted a slightly different skirt, so I took Burda pattern 7034 for that.

It feels like I have no choice but to wear a red lipstick with this dress. Unfortunately I can only do it when my husband isn't around, otherwise he'd kiss it off in a minute.

In the last few days I was thinking about making a new garment with this pattern, so maybe I'll blog another Simplicity dress quite soon.

Do you like polka dot prints? What designs do you prefer?

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