La Mia Boutique: 50s style dress from Grace Kelly collection

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After all the ecstatic reviews on La Mia Boutique patterns I was looking forward to sew something with them. Here is my first try - a cotton vintage inspired dress from their "Grace Kelly" collection.

As you could see on my Instagram, I've got a new sewing machine! It's not only my first Jamome, but also a first computerized sewing machine. I've started sewing on my mum's vintage machine and I had no serious reasons to upgrade it. There were some problems with it, but I was still managing to sew whatever I wanted. But when I was about to move to Tenerife I realized that I should start looking for a new machine, since it was impossible to bring my trustworthy friend with me.

I'm really impressed with my new machine. It's super powerful and smooth at the same time. Even thought I'm quite conservative, I like most of it's features. Don't know if I'll ever use the automatic needle threader or "on-off" button... Maybe when I'll get old?

Apart from my sewing adventures, I'm making some baking progresses as well. I've always loved baking and was trying my best to be on a healthier side. But today it's even more serious: no refined sugar, no gluten, preferably low carb.

Last week I've created a new gluten free pizza recipe and was so delighted to hear my husband saying that it's even better than the one that already was quite good.

 Obviously, I didn't want to risk, so I made the old tried and trusted pizza along with the new one.

As for the desert, we had some cheesecake muffins and delicious home made dulce de leche ice cream.

The dress I'm blogging today is one of my currently favorite one. The fabric is a cotton which I almost accidentally bought in the local shop last December. I already chose everything and was about to pay for my purchases... And I saw THAT fabric. But I thought "that's quite a childish print for conservative me!" But then I asked hubby about his opinion and it helped me to clear my mind from stereotypes and buy that pretty material. I'm so glad I did!

The pattern is La Mia Boutique 05/2013 dress 6. I've heard a lot about those Italian patterns. I must say I've never heard anything bad about them. Most of ladies were saying that they're the best for standard type of figure and average hight. 

All those good words made me feel really excited about sewing something from La Mia boutique. Especially after seeing their Grace Kelly inspired collection. That's one of the awesome facts about La Mia Boutique: they have a lot of classical and timeless designs.

I must say that this pattern wasn't absolutely perfect for me. But I didn't adjust it a lot, only a couple of things on the bodice and on the back. It was much less than with other patterns, so I should confirm that La Mia Boutique is really good.

The skirt is just a gathered one. And as you can see, I used a lot of hand made bias tape.

Have you ever bought La Mia Boutique? Do you like their patterns?

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