Draped cotton 50s style dress with circle skirt

by - 22:08

With my love to 50s style I simply had to sew a dress with some kind of drapes and gathers. All those dresses are made from silk chiffon, but I decided to start with something more practical and casual...

My biggest inspiration must be coming from the Golden age of Hollywood. Helen Rose and Edith Head were making absolutely incredible gowns that were turning the whole film into such an eye candy. 

Is it possible to avoid sewing something vintage inspired after seeing Grace Kelly, Vera Ellen and Rosemary Clooney on the screen? Definitely no.

Talking about the cinematography. It's quite ironical, but I was just about to watch a 60s film last week, but me and my husband ended up watching old family video tapes. It was so moving to sit on the sofa, eat home baked gluten-free pizza, brownies and ice cream, watch all those videos, including the one with my father in law's live performances. 

But let's get back to my inspiration. I have no doubts in my mind: I want to sew something similar in chiffon. But I'll get a proper vintage pattern first. I didn't have a pattern for this dress, so I decided to avoid wasting an expensive fabric and sew it in cotton. Probably it's not the best choice for this type of drapes, but I'm quite happy with the result. 

Fabric is a 100% medium weight cotton. And I was lucky enough to find a vintage buckle for my belt. Skirt is a full circle one. 

Do you like draped 50s style dresses? What patterns do you use to sew them?

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