New Look: pleated dress with circle skirt

by - 14:22

When it comes to classic 50s style dresses with circle skirts, there aren't really too many options available. Usually the difference between those dresses is all about the type of the sleeves, neckline and darts or pleats. This New Look 6067 dress is all about the bodice pleats. They immediately made me want to sew this dress, but with a circle skirt.

I can't say that the pattern was absolutely perfect. I adjusted the back piece and fitted it in the side seams. I'd also recommend to sew it in solid colors. That way pleats won't get lost in the print, as it has happened with my dress.

On those pictures I have a petticoat underneath it. 

I used a 100% African cotton for that dress. 

Last time I wore it was a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice sunny day that was started with a lovely stroll on the beachfront. 

Oh yes, that was the day when my husband shaved off his gorgeous beard that makes him look like a proper English nobleman. Luckily it grows really fast.

 Our  "cheat day" diner was pizza. And cappuccinos, of course. 

What bodice do you prefer to sew with a circle skirt? 

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