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Maxi dresses were made to be one of the most popular summer outfits. One of my favourite one is this Burda Style Twisted Maxi-Dress.

To say that it was really hot last week is to say nothing. All we could do is to sit at home under the fan and cool down with cold banana and papaya smoothie. And eat my home baked gluten-free pizza, the one that came out good, finally!

Luckily it was cooler in the evening, so we could have a nice walk.

What's the perfect clothes fabric for those boiling hot day? Lightweight silk, of course. I used to want a silk maxi dress for quite a long time. But finding the right pattern wasn't an easy task. I wanted something without a zip and with an interesting design, not just a big "bin bag" with a belt or elastics. Finally I found the one I was looking for in BurdaStyle. This dress, which is a Burda Style
Twisted Maxi-Dress 02/2013 #115, has everything I wanted: nice and interesting neckline and no zip.

 It was suggested to use jersey, but I chose an Italian silk with some elastane.

I must say that it took me ages to figure out how to sew that neckline. Even the description with pictures couldn't help me, they were making things even more complicated. But it was worth it: I'm absolutely in love with this dress.

In general the pattern is really good: I adjusted it just a little bit (for example, I made a shorter belt).

Being a big city girl most of my life, I was finding it a little bit strange to have such a dress in my wardrobe. I understand the desire of ladies to wear maxi skirts and flowers in their hair... But probably metro in a rush hour isn't the perfect place for that! I'm not a city girl anymore, so I shouldn't consider it now. In general, this dress is perfect for summer vacations, hot weather and light breeze.

Do you wear maxi dresses? What design is your favourite one?

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  1. Olá Ana, lindo o vestido!
    Gostaria muito de costurar um para mim, mas não sei como cortar.
    Não encontrei a Burda Style 02 2013 aqui no Brasil. Voce poderia enviar uma imagem do caderno de explicações da revista onde está este modelo 115. Agradeço se for possível, se não, obrigada da mesma forma.

    Hello Ana, beautiful dress!
    I would love to sew one myself, but I do not know how to cut.
    I found Burda Style 02 2013 in Brazil. You could send a picture of the magazine's explanations notebook where this model 115. I appreciate if you can, if not, thank you just the same.