How to sew a skirt back slit or vent

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A nice little back vent (also called slit) adds a special charm and a touch of elegance to any pencil skirt. Moreover, it adds an extra comfort while walking in a tight skirt. The one I'm showing today is a so-called Dior-fold (Dior-Schlitz), named after the designer who introduced it to the world of fashion. How to sew it?

I must say that when I've just started sewing I didn't pay a Dior vent too much attention. I was making a very simple slit: quick and easy. But my mother kept telling me that proper vents are much more elegant and less revealing. So I decided to try them, and it was love at first sight! And it's absolutely not difficult to sew them. 

First of all you need to double your vent pieces with Vilene interfacing.

Left piece should be completely doubled, while the right piece requires only 1 cm of Vilene.

Now overlock (or use a zigzag stitch of your sewing machine) all the seams from the waist to the bottom. Press the seaming allowance of the right piece to the wrong side and stitch it.

After stitching you need to press the seaming allowance to the left side. Now you need to stitch a center back seam of you skirt. Stitch from the zip all the the way down to the vent. The right way of stitching is shown on this picture with the red line.

And now is the time to press the middle seam. It's not a very easy task, but here is the trick to turn it into an easy one. You need to make a small cut in the little corner in the base of the vent. But don't forget to fix the stitch, so you wont end up with little holes around the cut!

The last step is the most important one: you need fix your vent. To make it in an absolutely perfect way you need to turn your skirt on the right side and form the vent.

 If it lies perfectly, handstitch it. It should be the line of about 45 degrees angle along the top of the vent extension. If after handstithing it still looks the way it should be, stitch it on a sewing machine.

Here is my skirt with a back slit:

You can see more pictures in one of my previous posts.

How do you make your back vent? Do you prefer a simple slit or Dior one?

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