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Pleated dresses are gorgeous for a couple of reasons. They reduce or completely replace all the darts. And all those pleats are the real eye hook, especially on solid colored garments. One of my pleated dresses is this Burda Style petite dress.

My everyday lifestyle is still quite unstable. I'm still choosing a new sewing machine and waiting for the right moment to start organizing my sewing room (oh that moving continents life). At least we've stopped looking for a new apartment and decided to settle where we are now. It was quite a predictable decision to stay in a good apartment which is quite far away from the tourist area, because we just won't have enough space in a tiny holiday-style place. I'm sure you'd agree with the fact that a seamstress does need a space! We need a table, body stand, cutting table, unit for all the gorgeous fabrics, etc, etc... Not to mention that sewing machines and sergers can be quite noisy as well.

But what's already finely organized is our walking routine. 

Last week we went for a walk and had some icecream...

...and delicious pancakes! 

This dress, which is a Burda Style Pleated Petite Dress 02/2013 #112,  is absolutely perfect for long summertime walks. It's sleeveless, has a low-cut neckline and lovely pleats.

 It's from Burda Style Petite collection, which was a little bit problematic. Being not a "petite", but an "average" 5'5, I had to add some cm to get not even a normal, but a short length dress. As for the other alterations, it was my typical one: I adjusted the back piece.

I used very light viscose challis for my dress, bought in a legendary MacCulloch & Wallis in London.

Do you like pleated dresses? What fabric do you choose for them?

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