Simplicity: cotton pencil dress 6144 A

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Looks like summer has officially begun in all parts of the world. And it means that it's the perfect time to sew many, many summer dresses. Today I'm showing you one of my summer pencil dresses, which is based on a Simplicity pattern.

I think I'm getting a little bit uneasy about with my current eating habit. During the previous year or so I was fanatically avoiding refined sugar and flour. I must say that I wasn't too depressed about it, eating fruits was quite enough to satisfy my sugary food passion. But my husband is still having his "junk food days", which means that once a week he eats whatever he wants. So I thought "hmmm... Maybe I can give it a try too?" But I still do my best to keep our junk food days moderately healthy, or at least not horribly bad for us. For example, last week I've baked those gluten-free mini cheesecakes.

 Double chocolate and classical "New York", of course.

As always I've baked extra cookies for the crust, and it was so moving to see my hubby having them with his morning coffee. Awwww. Those little housewife moments make me feel really happy.

But gluten-free cheesecakes and cookies weren't the only cheat meal we had that day. We also had some frozen yogurt. It's strange but I've never eaten frozen yogurts before, even when I still had sweets and milk chocolate quite often.

And we also had pizza, oh yes.

On that really sunny and hot day I wore that Simplicity dress 6144 A. As soon as my husband saw me in it he suggested that it's not the best choice for the current weather. But even though it's really close-fitted, it's made of a very breathable local cotton.

A closeup of the fabric.

My relationship with Simplicity patterns is quite complicated. I don't like the idea of having a seaming allowance already included (sorry to all the fans of American patterns), and Simplicity patterns just don't fit me. I adjust all the project sooo much, it takes me a lot of time to sew a garment. But for some strange reason I still buy those patterns, mainly because I really love their elegant, timeless and vintage-inspired designs.

This dress attracted me with the little neckline darts.

I've still got some fabric left, so probably I'll sew a jacket to wear with this dress. 

Do you like Simplicity patterns? Do you need to adjust them?

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