BurdaStyle: jersey dress with gathered skirt

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When I was writing about the complicated process of choosing the perfect serger, I already revealed my old jersey taboo. But luckily I've completely changed my mind and I do sew jersey now. I think a good cotton or viscose jersey is the perfect fabric for summer clothes. It's stretchy, but still breathable. And it's a fabric that can compliment your figure without any darts or pleats.

It's almost a tradition to wear something I've made on a day off. A few weeks ago we decided to go for a walk in Las Americas and eat some forbidden treats, as usual on our junk food day. The night before I've baked some gluten-free chocolate brownies, but I can't say that the entire day was wheat free as well, because we ended up eating pizza. But before we enjoyed our perfect meal in an Italian restaurant, and had a lovely stroll on a beachfront, we managed to take some pictures of my outfit.

This dress was supposed to be as simple as it's possible. Top is very basic and it's my version of model BurdaStyle 02/2014 #123. Skirt is just a gathered fabric. I finished the neckline with a bias tape.

While I was browsing for a pattern for this dress, I was really surprised to realize that it's not so easy to find something like that in Burdastyle or Simplicity. There are tons of basic dresses, but all the jersey designs are usually quite complicated. But I must say that there is another model that can be used for a similar project, called a Knit Top and Dress Sloper.

Do you like jersey dresses? If yes, what's your favorite design or pattern?

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  1. Yes! Love Jersey. I don't want to use anything else ever again. It's just so wearable and what you'd get on the high street. Love this dress it's great! Pretty fabric too

  2. Thank you Jenny! Totally agree, jersey is a wonderful fabric.