How to make an elastic waistband skirt

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A few days ago I blogged my elastic waistband cotton skirt. Today I'm posting my tutorial on how to sew it.

I must say that I never sew trousers. I just don't wear them. I'm ok with wearing shorts at home, but it's my big taboo for the casual everyday wardrobe. I just don't like the way they look on me, and I prefer skirts and dresses. In other words, a more feminine style is my choice.

As you've probably noticed, I really love pencil and circle skirts. The only problem is that you need a pattern if you want to sew them. Which means you'll spend time on looking for a pattern, cutting it, etc. But when you have a lovely fabric, just a few free hours and a big desire to wear your new garment... Here is the solution! To make a skirt with an elastic waistband.

It's extremely easy and quick. It will fit you perfectly thanks to the elastic tape nature. You don't need any patterns, many measurements, alterations, etc.

All you need is:

Flat elastic. How long should it be? Something around your waist size. Don't forget that its need to be long enough to be fixed inside your skirt, which adds extra 3-4 cm.

Fabric. Choose lightweight, thin fabric for a better fit. Lightweight cotton is the best choice for a lovely summer skirt. I used embroidered cotton, so I had no choice but to use a lining fabric as well (who wants to flash their underwear, definitely not me). How much fabric do you need? It depends on how fluffy you want it to be. But at least 40 cm more than your waist size. Let's say your waist is 70 cm. Then you need at least 110 cm of fabric.

Tailor's scissors, matching thread and a sewing machine, of course.

Start with pre washing and aligning your fabric.

I used a serger to finish the top raw edge of my skirt, but it's an optional step.

Stitch the side seams and overlock them.

Now you need to make a similar type of a waistband for your elastic. 

Measure the width of your elastic - that will be the width of your waistband, but don't forget to add an additional mm or two.

Stitch your waistband, stopping about 7 cm apart from the side seam of the skirt.

Take your elastic and, after attaching a safety pin on it's end, start pushing it into the waistband. 

Now you can place ends of the elastic tape one on another and fix it with a vertical stitch. Don't forget to finish your waistband stitch (the one you didn't finish in the previous step).

It's a good idea to stitch on top of your elastic tape in 2-3 additional places, it'll prevent it from twisting inside the waistband.

The last step is all about hemming your skirt.

The result: 

You can see more pictures of my skirt by clicking here: Elastic waistband cotton skirt.

Do you like elastic waistband skirts? 

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