Cotton pleated skirt

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The memademay is over, but in my case it should be a new hashtag - #junk_food_day_means_a_new_blogpost. Every single week on a day off I get a chance to take pictures of my recent (and not only) dresses, skirts and tops. A few weeks ago I wore this cotton pleated skirt.

One of the most exciting parts of days off Usually forbidden food. We started one of those days with curry (even the waiter was surprised with the amount of food we were ordering). After having a nice meal we headed to Los Cristianos, where we took those pictures in between of sipping cappuccinos and eating delicious ice-cream. We also went to see a new apartment, as we're looking for a new place to settle our lovely family life (we didn't like it though). I'm sooo excited to organize my new sewing space. It's something I'm really looking forward to.

For that skirt I've chosen a vintage cotton I found in my grandad's closet. My first thought was like "oh my God, what an old-fashioned table cloth-style fabric..." But when I checked the closet for the second time, I realized that it's an awesome fabric to use for a skirt.

I didn't use any patterns, only a simple calculation of how many pleats I can have. The belt is doubled with vlieseline.

What I love about this skirt is that it's quite simple, but it doesn't look too plain. I mainly wear it with white tops or floral blouses. And flat leather sandals, of course. What else can you wear on a hot day?

Do you sew pleated skirts? What's your typical fabric choice for them?

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