BurdaStyle: long sleeve seamed dress

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I'm obsessed with pencil dresses almost as much as with circle skirts. Their ability to fit any forms perfectly and create a feminine silhouette is priceless. One of my favorite pencil dress is this popular Burda style red one.

As soon as I've bought 08/2012 issue of Burda style, I knew I'd sew this fantastic red dress (it's Long Sleeve Seamed Dress). I really liked the fact that it has small waist darts, because they're quite helful when it comes to creating a perfect fit. Unfortunately, this model is designed for tall ladies, so I had to make many alterations. But they were worth it!

I liked that dress so much that I even decided to sew it in red, just like in the magazine. I choose a cotton/polyester blend fabric (80% cotton). I think that a perfect perfect pencil dress should have a lining, and this dress isn't an exception. The lining fabric is a stretchy viscose.

I've worn this dress for quite a few occasion. First of all, it was a Carol Service. Next year I wore it for Christmas. Christmas is all about red and green, right? That's why I decided to wear it.

Unfortunately, both times I couldn't wear it with a nice pair of court shoes, but I hope my winter boots didn't spoil my outfit.

And some melancholic words... I must confess that when I was moving out to live with my hubby, I left that dress in my mum's home. :( It was a tough task to decide what to take with me to another part of the world! But I can't wait to reunite with this lovely dress. It wasn't a number one priority, but it doesn't change the fact that it's one of my favorite dresses I've ever sewn.

This dress pattern can be bought at BurdaStyle.com,

Do you like pencil dresses? Which pencil dress pattern is your favorite one?

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