How to choose tailor's scissors?

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Choosing the perfect pair of sewing scissors is extremely important. You may buy a wonderful and expensive fabric and completely ruin it with bad scissors. Or get blisters. Or just get completely annoyed with the fact that your scissors can't cut the fabric properly and smoothly. So how to pick the right pair?

I must say that my relationship with cutting instruments has always been quite successful. When I just started sewing, I used a pair of paper scissors. They weren't as good as I wished them to be, but I didn't want to spend money on a proper pair before making sure I truly wish to carry on sewing. Luckily, it happened to be a long-term relationship, so I've got my first tailor's scissors soon afterwards. What I've learned from that experience, is:

1) Don't get confused with the price. 
Higher price = better quality? Not necessarily. The first pair I've got was a very, very cheap one. But I still use it! But it was a proper one, just made by an unknown factory. Of course I don't recommend to buy a 2-3$ Chinese scissors, but don't get confused with the price of some normal, good quality scissors.

2) Hold scissors before buying them.
So if price isn't representative, what should guide us? A personal experience. Go to a shop and hold the pair you wish to purchase before buying it. In some shops they may even allow you to use them on a small piece of fabric. But even without this extra niceness you can get the idea quite easily. Scissors shouldn't be too big or heavy for you. Basically, they shouldn't feel "strange" in your hand. They should feel good in your hand and be smooth inside the handle rings (a very important thing, especially for cutting thick fabrics).

3) Check the materials.
A good pair of tailor's scissors should be made of a tempered or stainless steel. Those blades are the best.

Do you have any special tips for choosing a good pair of scissors? What brand do you prefer?

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