Elastic waistband cotton skirt

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I'm a big fan of perfectly close fitting clothes. But sometimes I don't mind wearing a little bit bulky skirts and this one is the perfect example of the exception. One of the best things about this skirt is that it took me only a couple of hours to sew it (without any patterns or dozens of measurements).

My husband's day off must be my favorite day of the week. What can be better than to spend the entire day together, walking, talking and hugging non stop? Oh yes, and eating. Non stop as well. We're one of those lucky couples who are sharing their eating habits, and while we eat healthy food 6 days per week.. Day off means a junk food day. We even eat some gluten now. And even though my husband believes that food is one of my favorite things in the world (hopefully my waistline doesn't reveal it), I do my best to eliminate the amount of sugar I eat on a junk food day. But last week it didn't stop me from having two pancakes in El Medano, where we went just to have those delicious treats. And to have a lovely stroll on the beachfront, of course. And to take some pictures of my new skirt. It was quite windy, but we still managed to capture it (don't forget to check my Instagram for an extra picture from that lovely day).

I've always liked embroidered cotton, but it's so difficult to find a high quality one. I can't say that the one I've got is a high quality fabric, but at least it was really cheap, and I've seriously fallen in love with the color. Luckily I've picked a matching cotton for the lining at the same shop.

This skirt can be easily matched with different tops and blouses. I prefer to wear it with this embroidered white top from Zara. But I'm sure that I'll find other good pieces to wear it with. I'm a little lazy when it comes to combining clothes with each other, that's why the best choice is the safest choice.

But yes, I can't say I'm a big fan of elastic waistband. I like this skirt, but I don't think that in a few months time I'll have a wardrobe full of this type of skirts. I'd rather make dozens of new circle skirts.

In one of next posts I'll show how to make this skirt in just a few hours. 

Do you like elastic waistband skirts? 

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