BurdaStyle: basic pencil skirt.

by - 22:48

The perfect pencil skirt is the one that you sew with a basic pattern, drafted based on your own measurements. But when you're in a lazy mood and just want to sew a new skirt without any additional fuss, it's much easier to just buy a pattern. I sewed my skirt with a BurdaStyle.com pattern.

This pattern is really good. With just a few alterations it's possible to create a nice, well fitted skirt. All I've done was making it a few cm smaller in hips and waist because 36 Burda size is usually a little more than I need. All the darts were good, so I did't alter them at all.

The fabric is a 100% cotton, thin denim I've bought in MacCulloch & Wallis shop in London. I can't say that the quality of this fabric is great, it's not as bright as it was after the pre-washing (well, just like most of the denims).

Pencil skirt is the essential part of a wardrobe. It can be not only elegant, classy, and dress-code-friendly, but also festive or flirty. It all depends on the length and fabric you choose. A long dark wool pencil skirt is perfect for the office look, but a bright silk short one is simply made for a Saturday night out. It's also not fair to forget about accessorizes. They can change the outfit completely. I've tried to play with looks for different occasions and that's what I've got:

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