How to thread a serger (overlocker) and get nice stitches.

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Before I've got my Brother 1034D serger I've heard so many times that it's undoubtedly difficult to thread a serger. I thought that it's quite strange because all the overlock machines have not only the handbooks, but also colorful instruction for each thread. I've thought that all you need to do is to read the handbook and follow the color-coded guide. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to get a nice stitch. I've tried so many thread tension combination, but the stitches still weren't perfect. After reading loads of articles and watching many youtube tutorials, I've decided to think of a better solutions... And I've found it!

Many sergers have a small detail called a stitch finger. You can see it on this picture. 

All you need to do is to pull it out. How to do it? Find this small lever first...

Now press it...

...and - viola! You've just pulled it out.

Now all your stitches will be formed on those “needles”.

If you want to use the stitch finger again, simply match the yellow pointers and pull it in.

Have you ever had any problems with your serger? How did you solve them?

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