My favorite sewing thread (and those I'd never buy again).

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When it comes to sewing, a good thread is just as important as a good sewing machine. Which thread do I like most of all?

When I've just started sewing I didn't really care about the thread brands. I was buying the cheapest one and all I was choosing was the colour and the size (if it wasn't the all-purpose one). But it didn't take me too long to realise that some threads aren't just more expensive, but are also having a much better quality.

So far I've used:


Those 100% polyester threads are very cheap and it's not a problem to find them in many shops. Made in Asia, they have a big variety of colours and purposes. But even though they have some good sides (price is the main one), minuses are quite serious. They aren't very well twisted, thread may be thinner or thicker which is the reason why they break so easily, which is not a good thing. Some of the spools are ok, some of them have this defect. But I decided to avoid Dor-Tak, especially for the serger.

Those German 100% polyester threads are quite good. It's not a problem to find and buy them almost anywhere, they have a good variety of colours and the quality isn't disappointing. But what's not good is that sometimes the thread produce some loose fibber which is quite bad for the price they cost. And it means that the twist of the thread isn't good enough.

I wasn't sure about buying them because I've thought that all cotton threads are terrible. I've had some very old, no-name cotton threads at home and their quality is really bad. It's so easy to break them and it's absolutely impossible to use them for a sewing machine. But I've decided to give Coasts a try and I really liked them! They're quite strong, which really surprises me, and they have a very equable thickness. And those threads didn't ruin my dress after washing, which is also a big plus. I'm quite paranoid about what may happen with the cotton fabric after a first wash but obviously I can't pre-wash threads.

This brand is my favourite one. Colours and quality are fantastic, and the fact that it's probably the most famous thread brand makes it so easy to buy. I use them for my sewing machine and a serger, and even though I've had a few broken threads, it was my own fault (I've just picked a wrong size of a needle for a very thin fabric).

What is your favourite thread brand? Which one you will never ever buy?

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