Butterick 5488 viscose challis dress

by - 08:48

Viscose challis is one of the best budget-friendly thin summery fabrics. It seems to be easy to find the right design for it, but sometimes a poor pattern choice can lead to exsessive tension, which will make the fabric break even after a couple of wears. That's why loose designs can not only make your dress last longer but will also be much quicker to make! 

I have quite a few viscose challis dress in my wardrobe. Some of them are very 40s style and fitted, like Telalinda Dolores 1940s Dress, some are still vintage-inspired, but requre to be worn with a belt (Burda Style Gypsy dress and Butterick 6485). And others are just casual dresses, that I wear over and over again during hot summer days.  Just like my Burda Style tie waist dress. The Butterick dress I'm going to show you today is not an exception!

I got this pattern almost by accident - it came with a Love Sewing magazine. Even though I found it quite appropriate for a summer dress right away, my original thought was to make a silk satin one. But then I remembered that I had a beautiful viscose challis in my stash that would make a much more practical dress. Silk satin is a fantastic material, but it's so difficult to stop thinking about the possibility of pulling threads out of it with any innocent objects. 

So I made it with viscose challis and never felt bad about my decision! I didn't change the pattern since it's such a loose design. It's the belt's task to create the fit, and that's why I always wear it with my dress. The pattern is very easy to figure out and it didn't take me long to sew this project. I did add a bit of leftover cotton lace to the neckline and decorated it with some Guttermann sequins.

It's a great pattern that can be used for a super-comfortable summer dress!

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