Burda Style Tie Waist Dress

by - 12:36

This month I decided to sew something really quick and easy. This Burda Style dress was the perfect choice!
I absolutely love sewing complicated vintage garments, but sometimes I get a bit tired not so much from sewing, but from adjustments, alterations and other things that get along the way. Add up the every day tasks and different stress factors...And it's easy to forget about your sewing enthusiasm! That's why I love to sew extra easy projects after time consuming ones. This month it was Burda Style Tie Waist Dress 03/2016 #102A and it was an absolutely perfect choice! 

It's a beautiful pattern which is very easy to sew, but it still has an interesting design. I'd say it's impossible to get a bad fit with it, since all you have to do is to tie the belt and magic happens! You get a defined waist, beautiful neckline and quite a flare skirt. Paired with a lightweight fabric, it makes a perfect summer dress.
Pattern - Tie Waist Dress at Burda Style 

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