Burda Style Gypsy Dress

by - 09:25

I hardly ever use a pattern twice, but with some of them, it’s hard to resist. Especially when one pattern can be used for different types of fabrics and styles.

Some time ago I already blogged my Burda Style Gypsy Dress, which is made out of beautiful viscose full of drape from Minerva. This pattern is originally designed for lightweight materials, which makes it easy to achieve a nice and flattering fit. But this viscose dress wasn’t the first - I started with a cotton poplin one, and I recently took some pictures of it.

Gypsy Dress has a beautiful vintage inspired turtleneck collar, decorative self-covered buttons and two sleeve options. For my first dress, I picked a short-sleeved option. Self-covered buttons were swapped for genuine mother of pearl ones and I really like the effect they give. I also used a different skirt - a 3/4 one.

As for the fabric, it’s a cotton poplin from a local fabric shop. I had about 2 metres of it and it was exactly how much I needed, considering the fact that I made a belt for it.

I absolutely love how this dress turned out. It has a vintage vibe and a subtle elegance. It’s one of a few patterns from Burda Style pattern collection that didn’t need any fit adjustments, which is one of the reasons why I couldn’t resist but to use it twice.

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