New Look 6146 Retro Dress

by - 14:19

I'm not a big fan of strapped dresses. The look and feel of sleeves, even tiny cape ones, are much more appealing to me. But sometimes the print of  your fabric doesn't leave you a choice but to pick an appropriate strapped dress pattern. This simplicity one is absolutely perfect for a classy look.   

Every sewing project is unique and requires different order of "operations". Sometimes I pick the pattern first, sometimes fabric. I'd say most of my projects start with fabric. Same was with this one. I wanted to get something new, went to the fabric shop, got this gorgeous fabric and started choosing the right pattern. The print is quite busy and those flowers are too big to be brave enough enough to completely "wrap" myself in this material. So I decided to go for a strapped dress. I didn't really want to sew something like a spaghetti straps, so I was looking for something else that's vintage inspired, of course. Luckily I had New Look 6146, which happened to be just perfect for me.

It's quite a nice and really easy to work with pattern, unless you read the instructions, because they completely confused me. 

I did alter the length of the straps quite a lot and adjusted the bodice, but those were the main changes. I've paired my bodice with a simple gathered skirt.

I lined the top part of the dress with some thin white cotton voile. The regular zipper is located in the the central back seam.

I can highly recommend this pattern. I think it's so versatile and easy to use. It can be as perfect for a summer dress as for fitted and boned cocktail garments.

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