Burda 6562 Jersey Pleated Front Dress

by - 14:25

Even though I absolutely love sewing winter clothes I hardly ever get a chance to create something that can keep me warm during the cold winter months. The reason behind it is that I don't need any super warm clothes now. But this year I finally got a chance to sew something cozy and elegant and it happened to be this Burda Easy jersey dress!

Choosing the next project for Minerva Crafts Blogger Network wasn't difficult this time: I knew I wanted something that I can wear during our winter holiday. Soft jersey is one of the best choices for cold weather and it can be combined with the easiest patterns to sew. The pattern I used is Burda Easy Sewing Pattern 6562 that I slightly hacked in sleeves. It's a beautiful and very flattering design that can comliment any body shape.

The fabric is premium quality cotton jersey fabric in dark brown and I'm very happy with it. Sometimes it's a bit worrying to order jersey online (what if it's too thin?), but this one turned out to be just what I wanted. It's thick, cozy and very warm.

I used:


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