Men's Sewing Patterns: Stripe polo shirt

by - 12:56

Even though I'm always so excited to sew a new garment for myself, I'm equally happy to make something for my husband. This month I was working on a new polo shirt for him and I can't be happier with how it turned out!

I've already mentioned before how I was hunting for a good polo shirt pattern. At some point I discovered Simplicity Pattern 1286 and used it for the first polo shirt. I was so pleased with the result that I couldn't wait to use it again.

This time I wasn't as worried about the fabric choice, so instead of searching for a proper pique material, I picked some medium weight cotton jersey. It was the perfect choice! This Minerva fabric is just right for the project and I'd highly recommend it for any polo shirts, including kid's ones. It's nice and soft, it's quite easy to work with it and it's beautiful.

Extra tip: I'd highly recommend to use ball point pins for this project. They make the pinning and sewing process so much easier!

I used:

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