Burda Style: Cacharel dress

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Sometimes it's possible to get bored of sewing very classy garments. The easiest way to try something new without going too far is to use a vintage inspired pattern that has spicy details to it... Just like this BurdaStyle Cacharel pattern.
I can't say that I like something radical, like really short skirts or dangerously low necklines. Just like many girls, I liked this kind of things when I was in my teens. Luckily, my style has developed over the years and I'm not as fond of strange experiments anymore. But there was something I've never been that into before. And that's bareback! This type of garments can be pretty, and sexy at the same time. A combination of a modest vintage inspired front bodice and a seductive back was something I saw a few years ago in Burda Style magazine (BurdaStyle 4/2015 #128). Finally, I found some courage to actually sew it in 100% cotton poplin.

I followed the instructions really carefully, but there were some changes I've made. First of all, I had only 2 meters of fabric (yes, it is absolutely possible to sew this dress with as "little" fabrics), so I had to split the center bodice lining piece into 2 pieces. That's lining, so nobody can see the seam, right?

I didn't attach the zipper from the very top of the dress by leaving a couple of cm stitched for a cleaner finish. I also hand stitched the lining to the zipper.

To be honest, I'm not quite happy with the fitting. I've seen quite a few pictures on the Internet of other sewists wearing this garment, and all of them have the same problem: the back bodice fit. I haven't seen it being perfect or at least good enough. Yes, the recommended fabric is a woven one, not a jersey that can be used for a perfect straps fit. But I'd still love it to be at least slightly better fitting (you can see what I mean on next picture).

I adjusted my bodice pieces, but I was too scared to completely ruin the "system" of those straps by making them significantly shorter. I also didn't fancy the idea of not being able to move my arms or bend down because of that too. So I left them the way they are... Also, the neckline isn't perfect. It should be constantly pulled to the sides to have a good fit.

I might think of a solution and still, change something about this dress. As for now, I like the front part, but I'm not 100% satisfied with the back one.

Do you like dresses with a bare back?

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