Simplicity: men's polo shirt (knit shirt)

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What can be better for a perfectionist sewist than some selfless sewing? You can skip running to the mirror and trying on your gown every 15 minutes, and most likely you don't have to spend days surrounded by patterns while trying to choose the right one for a certain fabric. While experiencing all the benefits of the selfless sewing, I realised that Simplicity's patterns for men are offering a much better fitting than the ladies ones.

Even though I'd love to dress my husband in perfectly classy clothes, he's deeply fond of polo shirts. Well, his wish is my command. Ever since we moved in together, I started looking for a perfect polo shirt pattern. Surprisingly, it took me quite a while. There are some indie patterns on the market, but they're all too complicated. Numerous details and pleats isn't something you'd see on a ready to wear polo shirt, even by some expensive brands. In my opinion polo shirt should be made just like a T-shirt, just with a nice collar and a placket. I've tried to modify some very similar to my idea BurdaStyle patterns, but it just didn't work. I've been browsing amazon every few months. Luckily, at some point I've spotted the perfect one, which happened to be Simplicity pattern 1286.  The only "significant" change I had to apply is to make a short sleeve, which isn't a huge deal.

Surprisingly, this pattern fitted my husband just the way he wanted it to be. I had to make it significantly longer though, but it's not that the pattern is short... It's his own desire to wear really long shirts. And even though he isn't a fan of splits, I couldn't skip them with such a length! I stabilised them with a simple cotton bias tape.

The original placket is not the most common one, but quite an easy one to sew. I'm used to a slightly different method, but it wasn't difficult to make it in the suggested way. 

The fabric I used is an Italian 100% viscose lacoste. It's not as thick as the ones they use in ready to wear polo shirt, which is something I was worried about. Luckily, the polo shirt isn't a see through and it doesn't look like a thin T-shirt with an accidental collar. Quite annoyingly, it's not as easy to find this type of fabric in shops or even online. And honestly I don't fancy ordering them online, since I saw some really thin ones in real life.

I'd highly recommend this pattern to anyone who is looking for a simple and easy to sew polo shirt. 

And by the way, this is me wearing a BurdaStyle tea dress. Isn't it amazing to be able to walk around wearing the garments you've made for both of you? In my opinion it truly is.

Do you sew polo shirt? What's your favorite pattern?

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