La Mia Boutique: pencil dress

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In the last few months I was sewing a lot of full circle and gathered dresses. That's not unusual for me because hot summer days always inspire me to sew cotton or silk. But the colder it gets, the more I prefer nice and elegant pencil dresses. It's still not too cold here, so my recent project was a bright printed pencil dress.

Last week we went to see "The Martian". It was quite a spontaneous decision. My husband checked the cinema times on the way to work and asked if I'd like to see that film. And we decided to go the very next day! It was a great opportunity for me to wear my new dress and take some pictures of it. 

It's getting colder now, but don't get me wrong. "Cold" here means "I need a jacket in the evening". And a big mug of pretty hot herbal tea. And a duvet, reading lamp and a good book. Oh, the list may go on forever! It sounds so strange but yes, I do admit missing proper Autumn weather and colourful nature. But at least now I can wear colourful dresses and pair them with shoes or sandals, not winter boots. 

The dress I'm wearing here is from an Italian magazine "La Mia Boutique" 10/2013 #1. That issue has a gorgeous collection of Audrey Hepburn inspired dresses and other garments. I picked a simple pencil sleeveless dress. After the first fitting I decided to add small cape sleeves. 

The fabric is an Italian cotton sateen. It has some elastane in it, so I had to alter my pattern pieces. 

In general that pattern is quite good. As usual, I finished the neckline with a bias biding tape.

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  1. Beautiful dress, very flattering, and gorgeous printed fabric :)