Fabric shopping in Tenerife: Almacenes Herreros

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Last week I shared a general information about fabric shopping in Tenerife. As I promised, I'm going to write about the shops too. My today's pick is Almacenes Herreros in Santa Cruz.

How did I find that shop? Believe me, I'd never realize that they actually sell fabrics. From the street this place looks like a typical ready to wear clothes retailer.
On one December day we came to Santa Cruz and met my husband's friend. And we found out that his girlfriend's mother's hobby is sewing! Of course, we couldn't loose this opportunity, so he called her and asked to recommend us a sewing place to visit. And she mentioned that shop. Luckily, we were on the same street, so nothing was stopping us from heading there.

The fabric floor isn't very big. Yes ladies, unfortunately it's not a John Lewis's section, but for such a small island it's still better than nothing. 

This shop is a very typical one and matches all the information I shared in my previous blog post. What can you buy here? A little bit of everything. Cotton, pique, silk, fancy and lining fabrics, wool and linen.

 And, of course, threads and haberdashery. 

The variety of fabrics isn't too extreme and all "costume-like", what makes it a must visit fabric shop.

The shop also sells Burda patterns, including the pretty old ones. But don't trust the catalogues, they don't have all the items. Better ask to show you what they've got today. 

Address: Calle Castillo, 22, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife

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