About me.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog about sewing! 

I've been sewing for about 6-7 years and creating new clothes has became my favourite hobby. What can be better than seeing a plain piece of fabric transforming into a well-fitted, beautiful garment? If you've decided to visit my blog, I bet you know how it feels.I think I should tell a little bit more about myself. 

My name is Anna and I've always been a big fan of 50s style and it was very disappointing to be able to find either expensive vintage pieces, or very ordinary modern interpretations. Moreover, when I've been going to swing and jive dancing events, I've seen so many girls wearing a) dresses I've had in my wardrobe, b) dresses I've been wearing that day. So I thought... Why shouldn't I start sewing myself? I've started sewing on my mum's old sewing machine, having no skills or any knowledge. I've made some mistakes, I've ruined some fabrics... But here I am, 7 years later and I can sew literally anything.
In this blog I'm going to share the tricks I've learnt in the past few years. I'm also going to show the clothes I've sewed. And, of course, this blog is mostly for those who aren't professional in sewing, but really wish to make nice and well-fitting clothes.