Burda Style Viscose Dress with Bell Sleeves

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Some garments take forever to finish due to the complexity of their design. But the sewing of super easy makes can be completed a year later too, which is what happened to this Burda Style dress. 

I love viscose challis dresses that are easy to make and don't require a zipper. They're perfect for any season and, despite a loose fit, can still look very elegant with a waist belt. 
A loose fit usually equals a quick make, but it didn't happen this time. I hate unfinished projects, but this dress ended up in this category and stayed there for the whole year! It was nothing to do with the design, just personal circumstances. 

I got this simple cornflower viscose challis upon the closing of one of my local fabric shops. I got excited about the price and the fact that I really wanted to buy something in my first ever fabric shop. I'm much more a print person than a solids one, but this time I decided to try some lace appliques.

Trying to keep it simple, I bought a small floral lace applique that I then hand sewed to the bodice of the dress. 

The pattern I chose was Viscose Dress #115 Burda Style 04/22.
It's a lovely simple design that can be worn as it is or with a belt, like I do. Thanks to the belt you get a lovely silhouette full of pleats. I love it and the volume of the sleeves, of course. So much drape requires a light fabric, making viscose challis a perfect choice. 

This pattern can easily be called beginner-friendly. The only complication you might experience is a front button placket, but with a good video tutorial it can be done very quickly. Also don't forget to allow the hem of the dress to drop before you finish it - it's a crucial step for this type of skirt.
I finished all the seams with French seams, which is my favourite way for thin fabrics.  
I love the finished dress and the only bad thing about it is that I finished it too late to wear all summer long!

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