Burda Style Vintage 50s Style Wool Coat

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Sewing outwear can be tricky and time consuming, but the result is so satisfying and is completely worth it! I decided to add a new coat to my Autumn/Spring wardrobe and I absolutely love my finished project.

I have a lovely winter coat, but I really wanted to sew a less insulated one to wear during moderately cold months. I wanted something vintage style, with a full skirt and a big collar. I checked many patterns but the one that truly met my criterias was #120 Burda Style 11/2019. It features a nice wide collar, big pleated skirt and ¾ sleeves. I must say that the sleeves are something I was a bit concerned about since it might be a bit tricky when it’s cold. But I thought that I could wear it with long leather gloves, which is not even a must during most of the Autumn or Spring days.

I paired this pattern with beautiful wool coating fabric in Wine colour. It’s a boiled wool fabric which is perfect for a warm, but still quite light coat that requires drape and folds or darts, and that’s what I needed. It’s important to note that this material has a stretchy base, so it needs to be stabilised and interfaced. But it still doesn’t frail so it’s easy to work with it. It should be pre-shrunk which can be done by steaming and wrapping in a damp towel.

This fabric was very easy to work with. It wasn’t too thick for the sewing machine and it was easy to press. I can highly recommend it for any coat projects.
But let's get back to the pattern. I didn’t adjust it, but there were some changes. First of all I added pockets. I’m not exactly a pocket fan, but it seems to be a must for coats - you need to put the gloves somewhere. I made very simple ones in the side seams of the skirt.

I also fully lined the coat which ended up being a bit challenging because I didn’t adjust the pattern for it, which was a must. I managed to fit everything in though, after some very serious thinking. To add a nice touch I made bound buttonholes and I absolutely love them! And it avoided the stress of sewing them on a machine with a thick layer of main piece and facing.

I really liked the coat I made and I can’t wait to wear it during Spring and Autumn! It's definitely going to be my favourite one for these months.

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