Sewing report - March 2022

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Hello everyone,

today I’ve decided to start a new little blog series where I'll share all of my current sewing projects, ideas and sewing plans. I'm also going to mention what I've been wearing lately!

I'll start with some of the garments I wore recently.

First of all it's my Burda Style Princess Sheath Dress. It's quite a hacked version of the design - with an added peplum and serious downgrading, since the pattern doesn't come in a big variety of sizes.

I used Jardin Stretch Cotton Sateen Fabric and it's amazing. It's a lovely fabric that's super easy to work with! It's also perfect for unlined dresses. I added some guipure lace since I knew I wanted it to be more of an evening wear. You can read a bit more about the process of sewing and adjusting this dress on Minerva.

My husband wore one of my most complex projects which is a Burda Style Tailored Jacket. I've got a long post about it and you can find it here.

I've also made his pocket square out of some leftover fabric from my Butterick dress.

Another dress I wore a couple of days ago is the Burda 7034 (bodice only). I love this pattern for how versatile it is and I used it for many garments already. The fabric is an amazing viscose that I found in a small shop in Spain, and I've got no idea how it's called. It has a slightly shiny upper layer and a very thin voile under-layer.

And, of course, I wore my boiled wool coat, which is my favourite winter outerwear garment ever! I love everything about it - the fabric, the design, the fact that it's so warm, etc. You can read more about it in a dedicated post.

As for the plans, I've started working on a new lace dress. I got really inspired by my previous lace dress project and it feels like Spring/Autumn are the perfect seasons for this type of dress.

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