McCall's M6696: Linen Shirt Dress

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Button front dresses can’t be underestimated in a casual spring wardrobe. They can be made out of many different fabrics, but linen is the most breathable and cooling one.

I already used this crisp linen fabric for my Butterick Key Hole Dress. It was very easy to work with it and I was surprised that it presses so easily. When I got the same fabric in a beige colour I knew I wanted something more casual and less extravagant. I also wanted to skip zippers and lining. The last one was a practical decision because fewer fabrics mean more comfort when it’s really hot. I picked McCall's M6696 because it matched all my criteria. 

I used this pattern before and I knew what adjustment I needed. It’s a bit wide in the waist but tight in the shoulder area. I had to adjust and extend the bust area and add an extra 1 cm in the underarm and sleeve area, even though I already used +1 size for the upper part of my bodice. In short, I used a smaller size in the waist and a bigger one in the upper part.

I used:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Read more on Minerva

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