Vintage Sewing Patterns: Simplicity 1590 Peplum 40s Blouse

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I was very excited to come across Simplicity 1590 pattern. It’s a vintage 40s reproduction, it has a collar and collarless options, peplum, waist ties, short sleeves… What else to ask for? 

I decided to sew a blouse with a collar and even though it takes a bit more time (this pattern is known to be a quick project one), it’s definitely worth it. Not only it gives an extra touch of elegance, but it also makes this garment a proper 40s one. The collar itself is very vintage, it’s not the one you’ll find in modern patterns or RTW. The only problem I had with it was the application method. Not that it was difficult to do, it’s just my personal preference to avoid clipping into visible seams as much as possible. I skipped the bow but I do consider making it one day soon, I already got some tiny invisible snaps for it.

The fabric I picked was as gorgeous as the pattern. I was first thinking of something bright and floral, but then checked my wardrobe and decided to go for something more pastel and solid. 

The fabric is a shirting one, which leaves you no chance to fall into a “too thin/too thick for a blouse” trap. It has an amazing, truly amazing quality, especially for the price. And the colour is absolutely amazing. It’s not as typical as white, off-white or ivory options, but it’s not bright or “too much” either.

I used:

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