Watson Bra by Cloth Habit

by - 13:16

Sewing lingerie can be as tricky as exciting: first, you’ve got to find a dozen of essential supplies, then you can’t do any fittings or adjustments before you completely finish it. But the desire to sew a beautiful bra with natural fabrics can be much bigger than any obstacles, that’s why I finally made my first one.

It took me a while to gather some courage to start a project that seemed like quite a challenging one. After quite serious research I decided to start with a Watson bra by Cloth Habit. It features a simple wireless design that is perfect for beginners for a couple of reasons, including the fact that you need fewer supplies for it. It’s also almost foolproof thanks to the cups stretchiness.

It's a beautiful pattern and I absolutely loved the fit. It gives enough support and a lot of comfort.

I used:

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