Announcing Tip Top Sewing Youtube Channel.

by - 09:00

Today I'm not going to share any new projects or tips. Instead of that I'm going to reveal something that's not any less exciting for me, which is my new Youtube channel!

I was thinking of starting it for a quite a long time. But it was always a battle of time and desire. From one side, I really wanted to get into shooting sewing videos, from another I was worried that this way I'll have much less time to sew. All this editing, shooting, audio and video problems to solve... But here I am, finally making videos for my Tip Top Sewing Youtube Channel!

I've uploaded 2 videos so far. One of them is, of course, The Seamstress Tag. By watching it you'll find out how I've got into dressmaking, what are my favourite and most dreadful sewing tasks, what's my most disastrous make and much more. 

Another one is my Fabric Haul & Sewing Plans video, where you can see my upcoming projects for Miverva Crafts Blogger Network.

Hope you enjoy them! If you would like to see more - don't forget to subscribe to the channel! 

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