How to make and sew a jersey bias biding tape?

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I wrote about regular bias biding tapes at least a couple of times. In those posts I've explained how to actually make and cut the tape, and how to sew it. But what about the jersey fabrics? Guess what... It's even easier! 

When I've started working on my first ever jersey dress I already knew, that I'll finish the neckline with a bias tape. It's so easy, so quick and gives a nice neat finish. 

How to cut the bias tape?

For the non-stretchy fabrics you need to cut them in the 45 angle... But forget about it with jersey. All you need to do is to cut the strip of the fabric from selvage to selvage. In other words, along the stretchiest part of the fabric. 

After that just fold it wrong sides together....

Sew the ends (if you use it for the neckline)...

And handstitch it to the neckline, edges and right side together. 

But I must say that you only need to do it if you aren't sure in the result. If you know that your neckline is going to look absolutely fine, you can just pin your tape (or use wonder clips) and sew it on your serger. 

The final step is to press it.

I also used zig zag stitch to stabilize it a little bit and give that decorative touch (but it's absolutely optional). 

It's also possible to sew it in a normal, traditional way. But don't forget to cut a wider bias tape for that!

Do you use jersey bias tapes? How do you sew them?

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