Simplicity: cotton dress with circle skirt

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Is it possible to have too many summer dress with circle skirt? I don't think so. This one is based on a slightly modified Simplicity pattern.

When I was a single girl, my favorite thing to do on a day off was... sewing. Quite obvious, isn't it? But now I'm a married girl and I spend days off with my husband. We have a wonderful time eating and walking, and I get a chance to wear everything I've sewn! What a wonderful life.

Last week we started the day off with a nice gluten and sugar free apple tart I baked the evening before. I must say that maple syrup works even better than brown sugar. 

After that we headed for a stroll. I was wearing one of my cotton polka dots summer dress. The top is a slightly modified Simplicity pattern. 

I had to cut the skirt part, and make a circle one. Quite complicated, but it's one of my first projectss and I just didn't have another suitable pattern. Today my pattern collection is much bigger, but I still don't mind to play with different patterns and mix them together. 

Do you combine different patterns?

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