How to join seams on two lawyers of fabric.

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Joining two details together doesn't seem to be a difficult task. But sometimes, especially if you are beginner, your seams won't be joined. It's not the end of the world, but your garment won't have a proper nice finish. So how to get a professional result and use a super easy beginner technique?

First of all let's try to guess why your seams don't join. It may be due to the fabric's skewness, or some cutting mistakes. But when it's too late to avoid the mistakes, it's still possible to have a nice finish. And this technique is also quite useful when you're using details from different patterns.

First of all you'll need to measure the edge of your details. Don't forget that all the darts should be already seamed before you make any measurements! 

In some cases you may need to measure this way:

If one detail is bigger than another, you may need to draw a new seam line.

Now you need to hand stitch only the part where two seams are joining together. To make it absolutely perfectly you can use a pin. While hand stitching, make sure that seams are joining together. You need to stitch about 1-2 cm away from both sides of the seam.

Now hand stitch or pin the rest of the seam line.

Check if the seams are joined together and stitch your details on a sewing machine. That's the result you should get:

Is it difficult for you to join two seams? Do you have any special tricks for that?

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