BurdaStyle: retro style halter dress

by - 13:48

Му love for retro style cotton dresses is absolutely limitless. Cotton is my favourite fabric to work with, and dress is my favourite garment to wear. As soon as I've seen the Halter Dress 06/2011 #116 by BurdaStyle, I've already known I'm going to sew it. And here is my dress.

What can be easier to sew than a nice summer dress? You can pick any colour, any print and any length. More over, there are no limits when it comes to choosing a style. If retro style garments won't be a good choice for some occasions, summer dresses can represent any fashion era, be it flirty 50s or hippie 70s. 
This Halter Dress from Brigitte Bardot's style inspired collection is really nice.

  BurdaStyle recommends to use a boning tape for an extra nice fit, but I've skipped this step. I've also decided to sew this dress without a lining. 

My fabric choice was a vintage cotton. I didn't change this pattern much, all I had to do is to alter it in the side seams. 

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