Book Review: "Sewing Your Dream Wardrobe" by Athina Kakou

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For most of us, sewing isn’t just a way to fill our free time, but also a powerful instrument in building a nice wardrobe. Yet not every single seamstress reaches the goal of making it not just pretty, but functional too. Athina Kakou decided to help us with that by writing an e-book called “Sewing your dream wardrobe”.

When Athina contacted me and asked if I’d like to review her new book I gladly said yes. In my case, it was more about curiosity than the desire to solve a problem: after sewing for so many years I got to the point where I’m perfectly happy with what I sew and how much it costs me. I naturally transitioned from sewing every single cocktail dress from newest Burda Style issues to creating garments that I truly need at the moment. I stopped ruining precious expensive silks and started making muslins. Not only that, I began to think months in advance of what I’d like to wear next season. To get to that point you can spend years learning from mistakes… Or you can get some tips from other people that are sharing their experience through not only blog posts, but also e-books. 
In her book, Athina talks about many aspects of a perfect me-made wardrobe, including picking your style and most suitable colours, and paying attention to your body shape and lifestyle. She gives her tips on productive and mindful sewing and shares some tricks for online shopping and ways to save money. She also created a great workbook that will help you to apply the information to your existing and future wardrobe. 
I can’t say that I agree with every single statement of the book, but I definitely share the overall idea. This book will help a lot if you’re struggling with your sewing priorities and can’t find the right balance between them.
As for the price, the book costs 15 euros, but if you’re planning to purchase it this week you can get 20% OFF with the code TIPTOPSEWING. Don’t forget that the offer is valid for 1 week only.

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